Rf Umts Engineer Resume

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Rf umts engineer resume

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RF Drive Test Engineer. Performed UMTS and LTE drive testing using XCAL wireless network optimization software. Worked on Sprint project. Performed handover tests, stationary DLUL throughput test E911 call test as well as mobility and cluster drive performed IRAT and reselection test, ensuring neighbor sites are up. RF Engineer - I Confidential, (Plano, TX) (Dec, 2008 - Sep, 2009.) Developing RF Data Sheets (RFDS) for STXNTX Market. Worked on around 1k sites for different projects within a year that has GSM UMTS configuration. Project UMTS Pre-Launch - ALU, ATT,. Where can I find a FES - Further LLC (T-Mobile) RF Deployment Engineer resume example in Parsippany, New Jersey ? Rf Engineer Resume. Hire Now OBJECTIVE RF. Sound knowledge of UMTS Architecture, RF Propagation, Antenna theory, Link Budget, Network Topology,.
Find the best Rf Engineer resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes LTE RF Engineer Resume. Posted in Information Technology Resume Examples. Career Goal. Seeking the position of an LTE RF Engineer to showcase my talent and further hone my capabilities in RF Design, ACP tools, UMTS, Oracle DB, Unix, Excel and.

RF Engineer Resume