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Amnesty international write a thon

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Amnesty international write a thon

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The family of an LGBTI activist hacked to death in Bangladesh, the sister of a young man gunned down by Jamaican police, and 11 human rights defenders in Turkey are among those who will be receiving letters of support from Amnesty International supporters this December, as the organization launches its fifteenth. Oct 27, 2017. Download posterflyer. Join Amnesty International Pittsburgh (group 39) and many other inspiring Pittsburgh rights groups and community leaders on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 for our annual Write-a-thon and Human Rights Festival. Held from 6-9 pm at Calvary Episcopal Church, this year marks the. Today, Amnesty International Toronto is hosting a write-a-thon for Colombias Human Rights Day. AI groups from around the world (including the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Peru, the US and Switzerland).
Hosted by Winston McQuade and with plenty of musical entertainment, the writers came from all walks of life and ranged in age from very young to very old. Host Winston McQuade. Amnesty International annual write a thonMarathon dcriture. Pharrell Williams for Amnesty. by marywald Dec 16, 2011. ON December 16, 2011, Amnesty International held a Write a Thon at Roosevelt High in Los Angeles with more than 1200 students writing letters to free prisoners of conscience. Bonnie organized a special visit for the event from rapper Pharrell Williams,. If you have any questions, please contact the Write for Rights team at 1-800-AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789)!. What is the main goal of Write for Rights? The purpose of the Write for Rights is to mobilize millions of people around the world on International Human Rights Day, December 10. The main.

#WriteForRights on December 10