Size 8 Font Resume

Size 8 font resume

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The Best Font Size and Type for Resumes

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Feb 26, 2017. Resume fonts sizes The most common font to use is Times New Roman, in black and size 12 points. Other serif fonts (with tails) to consider that are easy to read include Georgie, Bell MT, Goudy Old Style, Garamond. What Font Should I Use For My Resume?. Heres a list of fonts I found on a resume template website. This is a good list that Id stick to pretty much exclusively. While many of the resources at Resume Genius focus largely around the core principals of resume writing in terms of on-page content, this particular guide focuses solely on the visual aesthetics of the resume as a whole, from the best choice for font style and size to. Nov 23, 2011. Resume tip 9 from Top Ten Resume Tips. This may sound obvious to some of my readers but using the right font size is critical to getting your resume read. The problem is twofold. Some people are still convinced the one page resume is what they need. They try to squish everything on one page.

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