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Experienced Senior QA Tester with 12 plus years of testing Software applications for functional, Automation, Web Services, Regression tests, UAT in Banking,. Environment Java, J2EE, XML Web Services, Apache Axis, HP Quality Center 9.0, QTP, SOAP UI 3.x, Axis 2.0, Web logic Application Server 9.0, HTML, XSD, ASP. Sample Resumes. Technologies Experience Download Freshers 0 Year Download Freshers 0 Year Download Freshers 0 Year Download Manual Testing Freshers 0 Year Download Manual Aug 4, 2008. 7 years of experience in Software Testing resume in us, PA, 08550 - August 2008 qtp, informatica, life insurance, java, tester, qa, vb, websphere, manual. VB Script, XML, SOAP, Quick Test Pro 8.2, Mercury Quality Center 9.0, Test Director 8.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape Navigator 7.2. PROJECT 3. Qtp 3 years experience resume. QTP 3 Years Exp ResumeXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Email QTP 3 Years Exp Resume. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 3 years of Experience in Software Testing of web.
Manual Testing Resumes 3 Years Experience. The person guru99 manual testing sample projects might have more than. booksdeepak qtp,. QTP Model Resumes. 1215 AM G C Reddy No comments. QTP Resumes. Testing Fresher Resume QTP Resume 1 Years Experience QTP Resume 2 Years Experience QTP Resume 3 Years Experience QTP Resume 5 Years Experience. Posted in qtp experienced resume,qtp fresher resume,qtp resume,qtp resume.

Qtp 1 Year Experience Resume.Qtp Sample Resume.