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Stressed about creating a job application that wins you the interview? Get it done quickly and easily with this Entry Level Journalism Cover Letter Template. Apr 6, 2010. Journalists are accustomed to dealing with the transaction, event, product, personality, scandal andor crisis du jour. Public relations practitioners focus not only on whats happening now, but also whats likely to happen in the longer term. If a practitioners goal is merely to score the next newspaper article or. Wanted to let you know I recently accepted a job with the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph with the assistance of your site. They saw my resume posted online and contacted me. Things went from there. Thank You, Jeff Sielke Im writing to congratulate on a top notch site. I posted my resume and in less than a. AMERICAN JOURNALISM REVIEW. 6 Unexpected Skills To Boost a Journalism Resume. May 19, 2014. Kristin Musulin. ajr voices. The competition for journalism jobs is rough. So how can an aspiring reporter stand out? Turns out, there are skills that can help develop a young journalist into star reporter that go beyond hustling for bylines at May 30, 2012. Recently, we covered five free sites to help journalists build an online portfolio here at 10,000 Words. The list included a good starting. If you prefer to manage this through a network such as LinkedIn, your portfolio should at a minimum include a prominent link to your resume there. Its also a good idea to. Hire Personal Resume Helper to Make Your CV Stand Out. Youve been looking for help writing a resume for some time and eventually have come to the right place.

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